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| DIALOGUES | synesthetic experimental program

9. April 2016 – 19:00 - 20:30

| 15€

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Concept | yanagi                                                                 dialogues
Piano | Ivan Sobolew
Emulsions | per se
Experimental Music | Tatsumi Ryusui
Natural Installations
Tea | Macha-Macha
天袋より おぼろ夜を とり出しぬ – 八田木枯
What are the limits of perception? Dialogues is an experimental program which merges piano compositions and emulsions into one unified experience through synesthesis. The performance will enlace themes of immortal, primitive, common, essential – the nature elements transmuted to the new forms. Drifting from island to island, from one element to another, one can explore the synestehesis through the sounds, the flow of the essences and caress between light and shadow – The moment where the limits between the sences no more exist.

Ivan Sobolew

Piano is his dream instrument, and composition his passion. Ivan’s piano works unite opposites: impetuous emotions and the cool geometries. Their union tells stories of the soul’s journey to myriad realms full of longing, struggle and reconcilliation.

per se

In emulsions, substances like oils and water which reject each other in their natural states are reconciled. This connection provides a resonant cavity for different plant substances whose individual composition and vibration vitalizes the body through its senses. Seven of the prototypes presented by per se take their inspiration from selected piano works of Ivan and translate their sounds into tactile and olfactory perception.
Silence unites the infinite potentialities and allows them to unfold in form. It is Hiroco’s intuition of what is essential in every detail that creates and sustains the harmony between opposites. As event curator she awakens things to life, elicits their sensuality and gives them aura and meaning.



9. April 2016
19:00 - 20:30


Grimmstrasse 10
Berlin, 10967 Deutschland
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